About Parent with Passion

Hello, I am Deanne the founder of Parent with Passion.  I have created PWP as a place to go for help for Mums who want to make positive changes in their life.  If you are sick of yelling, being angry or depressed I will work with you to identify the cause and identify where you can change for the longer term.

Clients who seek help with me often:

  • Want to parent differently from the way they were parented

  • Want to break negative patterns

  • Are willing to learn what their child is teaching them

  • Want to enhance their child's independence and confidence

  • Are feeling frustrated and angry and are yelling all the time

  • Believe in equality 

  • Are willing to look at themselves first to make changes 

  • Are interested in personal development and growth

About Deanne

Deanne comes with a passion to educate and support women as they awaken their spirit entering motherhood. With over 20 years in Spiritual experience and training at an elite level she brings a wealth of knowledge combining her Mediumship, Parent Coaching, Spiritual Counselling, Hahnemann Healing and background in Nursing.

A Mum and Step Mum she knows the difficulties, the tests and the emotional challenges but she also knows how to overcome these hurdles and find more fulfilment in life.

She sees life as a journey to face our tests and difficulties whilst growing in our capacity to love and find enjoyment in life. Deanne believes Motherhood provides the perfect opportunity to do just this.

0413 316 079

e: deanne@parentwithpassion.com

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