Mediumship Readings

A reading provides answers to the all the difficulties and challenges that life throws at us.  Gain a deeper understanding of what you are meant to learn in life and how to overcome issues and move forward. 

Gain clarity around all areas of life including personal, work, family and relationships. 

A reading is like a personal blueprint for your growth and development.

"Having a reading has helped me move forward in my life.  I have told all my friends about you"

With 20 years experience I am trained to give a reading with accuracy and integrity. Focusing on bringing clarity and a deeper understanding of your life. 


A reading goes for an hour with the opportunity to ask questions so you can gain answers to all of those "Whys"  in life.  


A reading is perfect for moving forward in life when you feel stuck. and confused in life, not knowing what direction to take or emotionally you are struggling.


For Parents wanting a deeper understanding of their own personal issues and clarity behind their children's behaviour a reading can give you the answers you are looking for.

Medium Readings go for an hour with plenty of time to ask questions. The cost is $100


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