What other parents say about Parent with Passion

"I have been applying the techniques you have taught me and how to deal with things.  You have really and honestly helped me so much.  I can't thank you enough"


"I had such a great experience with Deanne today.  She was so spot on and so accurate with so much to do in my life.  She is legit and had me in tears within 10 minutes of the reading" ​


"Deanne you are amazing.  I have never met anyone as switched on as you" I was blown away from your insight and wisdom"

"Wow I got so much out of the reading.  Deanne made me realise what's been going on in myself and how I can go about changing it" 


"Thanks again for everything you have done for me, you helped change the vibe in our house.  I knew I controlled my kids too much and didn't know how to change" Thanks for your help, for listening and your advice". 

"Deanne is an absolute authority when it comes to gentle and respectful parenting. I’ve asked her to help me with a slightly awkward parenting situation. Her advice was practical, kind and worked like a charm." 

"Thank you Deanne for helping me grow, you helped me more than you will ever know."

"Life has changed dramatically since applying the strategies you suggested.  Life is no longer a struggle to get through. Thanks so much." 

"I just want to tell you my child's behaviour changed immediately from when I changed the way I parent, thank you"

"I feel that I am able to grow and improve my parenting now"

"The parenting program taught me so much about myself.  I loved everything about it" 

"The parenting program has been a wonderful learning journey.  Deanne is kind, gentle and supportive"

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