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"Negative behaviour is copied and ingrained in us and without us realising it we can pass this onto our children. "

"I have been applying the techniques you have taught me and how to deal with things. You have really and honestly helped me so much,  I can't thank you enough"

Sometimes parenting can bring out the worst in us.  The yelling matches, the frustration, the guilt, the worry, the need to control, conflict with our partner's parenting approach or we just don't enjoy family life.  It can all take its toll on how we feel and therefore how we cope with life.  

Often our approach to our children is copied from our own childhood or from belief systems which are no longer serving us well.  It takes courage to look within ourselves at our own negative behaviour and be open to making changes.

Children's negative behaviour will often be an opportunity for us to make these changes as children will copy us, learn from us and also let us know if the way we are parenting them doesn't suit their personality.

My approach to parenting is based on values such as equality and looking at our own actions and reactions as well as understanding what is going on from the child's perspective.

I work with both Mums and Dads, single parents, same sex families and complex families.  Private consultations are available in Mornington and go for an hour.  The cost is $100



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