As well as offering parent support and medium readings, Parent with Passion runs group and personalised packages specific to your needs  

"Working with Deanne has been a wonderful learning journey.  She is kind, gentle and supportive"

 Are you ready to be Mum & Dad?



This is a unique package for first time pregnant couples preparing them for beyond the birth.

Are you ready to be a Mum and Dad?

You will be encouraged to contemplate parenting like never before. You will be guided, inspired and given strategies to embrace this new journey of unknown territory. You will learn more about yourself and each other and iron out any issues now while life is calm (and you aren't sleep deprived!)

Most pregnant couples put all their energy into the labour but what about the days following and all the responsibilities that arise with being a parent?

You will walk away inspired, motivated and confident to be the best parent you can be. 


This package includes 3 x 1 hour sessions and costs $250

Birth Story Debriefing

Pregnant Woman in Nature

If your pregnancy or labour didn't go to plan often it can leave many unresolved emotions.

These feelings can stay within us for a long time and weigh us down.

Often we just need to let it all out so we can move forward knowing we did the best we could do.

Private consultations are available which focus on your experience and help you to overcome any emotions which causing you to feel negative about your pregnancy and birth. 

A package can be designed combining counselling and healing.

Empowered Mums  

Mum Program.jpg

This is a 4 week program all about getting solutions to your parenting worries and also a program to grow as a person and as a mother. 

It is an intimate program geared towards helping you with your own overwhelming emotions and also teaching you a parenting method which does not suppress children.  The program will enlighten you, help you with the grind of daily living and overall bring fulfillment as a parent and a woman.

Held over 4 weeks $120 

Limited to 4 per program

Located at Spirited New Beginnings

52 Kars Street, Frankston

Emotional Support Package


Support for the exhausted Mum

"The Most Popular Package"

2 x Counselling/Parenting consultations (1 hour each)

3 x Hahnemann Healing sessions ( 45 mins each)

This package can also be catered to your specific needs.

When Mum needs TLC emotionally and physically

For Mums who feel they have lost their mojo and are purely surviving day to day.  


When you need help with overwhelming emotions and an over active negative mind. 

This package will provide the nurturing provided to help you feel you again and move forward from a happier place.

Cost $380 

Pregnancy Package 


Preparing Beyond the Birth


One Hour Spiritual Parenting &

Counselling Consultation

Two x 1 hour follow up consultations on Mum's emotional well being


This package is for mums who want to prepare themselves emotionally and spiritually.  Covering parenting, beliefs, values, emotions and making decisions for their child.  

After birth our emotions can play havoc, so  follow up sessions addresses how you are feeling in your new role and helping you make the transition into motherhood on an emotional level.


Cost $250


 Parent Strategies & Support



Support for long term results


One hour Reading

Two x 2 Hour Parenting sessions

When things feel tough at home and you need answers.

A reading will help identify what is going on under the surface for yourself and with loved ones.  

Followed by two 60 mins sessions of support to make long term positive changes personally and in the household. 

Cost $260

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