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9 May 2017

Parent Coach & Spiritual Counsellor

I remember when my daughter was born.  I fell in love with her instantly.  I adored her beauty.  Her energy felt so pure.  My heart had exploded with love.  Expanded with desire to do anything for this little human being.  I felt so fortunate and didn't take a moment for granted. 


This love at first sight doesn't always happen for new mums but when it does it is like a bubble of bliss.  Purity of love.  Power of connection.  Beauty of life.


Fast forward through the trials and tribulations of babyhood, toddler tantrums, will power, refusing to co operate, tempers, sleeplessness, stubborn traits, wilful and troublesome behaviour that bubble of bliss can burst.  It can feel like we suddenly need a degree in negotiating just to get out the door.  It can feel like we need to be the latest Master Chef at each and every meal time because the lunch that was devoured yesterday is flatly refused today.  Normal communication somehow is old fashion and we become experts at yelling, demanding and controlling the situation.  Anger, frustration and mother guilt is our new best friend.


Ahh where's the love gone?  I mean it doesn't go away but can you be really really be honest with yourself and say that your love feels as pure as it did in those first few minutes of meeting your child?  Really really honest with yourself has your love been influenced to a degree because you have a wilful child who won't do as you say.  If your answer is that your child's personality has not altered your love since the day you meet then that is wonderful.  But if you can honestly admit that your love somewhere along the way doesn't feel as deep then that is wonderful too.  Because with awareness comes change.  Take a moment to remember that bubble of bliss and ignite the love again with your child.  Trust me they will love it. x


For help with parenting or emotions that are getting you down, you can contact me for a consultation via Skype of face to face at deanne@parentwithpassion.com








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