Power of Parenting

24 May 2017

Parent Coach & Spiritual Counsellor

Parenting is powerful.  You can leave your mark on your child for the rest of their lives.  You can leave them with feelings buried deep down inside of them, good or bad.  You can help them in life or hinder them.  These thoughts are enough to motivate me to make sure I do the best I can every day.  I want my children to grow into confident, capable adults with memories of a happy childhood.  This is what makes me a parent with passion.

Many people I come across, unfortunately don't have such a memory.  There is often memories of a lot of emotional pain associated with their childhood days.  They were often repressed, not understood, fearful, craved attention, love and were surrounded by negativity.  And as adults, they are suppressed lacking confidence and feel disconnected and unfulfilled. Relationships fail and there is a craving for love and contentment in life.

Wow, parenting can really pack a punch!  How do we avoid causing emotional damage to our children?  How do we understand what is going on emotionally for them?  How do we support their emotional wellbeing?  

I recognize that each one of my children's life is unique.  They are here for their own purpose and I am here to play a significant role but mostly to develop their independence so they can live their life with fulfillment and achieve what they are here to achieve.  As a Parent Coach and Spiritual Counsellor, I know the power of emotions and how our feelings can influence our behavior.  Watch your own behavior when you are not feeling right on the inside.  Likewise, watch your child's behavior.  They will tell you by their actions if something is not right on the inside.  Give them the confidence that they can tell you anything and they won't get into trouble for what they say. 


Encourage them to express their opinion.  Give them choices with consequences.  When they make a good choice their confidence will grow.  When they make a bad choice they will learn and they will learn in their own time.  

Parenting can be fun and should be enjoyed but in the background, we need to be aware of the bigger picture.  One day our children will be adults and forced to cope with the challenges of life.  They need us to give them the best start possible. 


If you would like to discuss your parenting role or you are having trouble with letting go of emotions caused in your childhood I am available to talk.   You can contact me at deanne@parentwithpassion.com for face to face consultations or via Skype



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