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23 Jun 2017

Parent Coach & Spiritual Counsellor

Emotions affect us greatly.  If we are feeling down our behaviour is affected, our tolerance and our ability to cope with life.  Little things can set us off and we can get stuck in our own negative state. Think of the times when small annoyances have triggered an angry outburst which wasn’t really justified.  When we don't address our emotions they compound and get stored inside of us until we explode.   Our children are no different sometimes they need help to process what they are feeling and during this time their behaviour can be a little off. They may be stuck with what they are feeling and show signs of anxiety, fear, anger or even start telling lies to create a better world for themselves. 


When my son was 18 months old his dad and I separated.  We chose to part on amicable terms and with integrity.  So there was little arguing but my son could feel the difference in the household.  He reflected the change between my husband and by refusing to eat.  He could feel what was going on and he was going through his own grieving process.  He became wakeful at night and I'm sure was feeling rejected whilst his dad and I were caught up in our own emotional turmoil.


Sometimes when your child is stuck processing emotions it isn't obvious what the cause could be.  But their behaviour will change and it is in these moments we need to look at the bigger picture and see what needs to change in the external world and what support the child needs for their emotional help.


If your child doesn't seem right they probably aren't and may need some more of your attention to help them overcome the emotions they are struggling with.  Remember they will tell you what’s going on through their behaviour before they might actually say it in words.


If you need advice don’t hesitate to contact me for a consultation either face to face or by Skype.



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