There's No Need To Yell

28 Jun 2018

Parent Coach & Spiritual Counsellor


Do it now because I said so!  I’ve told you time and time again do it now! 


How many times have these words come out of your mouth?  Be honest with yourself.  Do you lose your cool everyday with your children?  Do you hear your parent’s voice in your head? Reminding you when you were a child.  Is parenting more of a chore than a pleasure?


First time round I wasn’t the mum I thought that I would be.  It felt harder than I had imagined and it definitely didn’t come naturally.  I struggled.  I knew that I needed to change a few things and quickly.  I knew that yelling was damaging and just didn’t achieve anything but a crying child and a guilt ridden mum.  Now with some wisdom under my belt, yelling would have to be one of the most common problems I see with mums.  Usually mum has come to me feeling exhausted, at wits end, resentful, guilty, unhappy and needing support.  Yelling at your kids just doesn’t feel good and the mums who come into my clinic are ready for change.


Let’s break yelling down.  Demanding your children obey you, raising your voice, standing over them, being rough with them however, whatever the situation think about being on the receiving end of this dominance.  If done consistently it is damaging.  It is suppressing another person with your power, it causes a child to shut down, rebel or please you just to keep the peace.  These negative qualities are then taken into adulthood and cause long term issues and a lack of fulfilment.


We all know someone who is a pleaser and avoids confrontation, or suppressed and can’t show their emotions or who yells and has little tolerance.  Where do you think this comes from? 


The purpose of this blog is not to make you feel worse, rather to feel inspired to change, to grow as a parent and find your enjoyment in parenting again.  To see parenting with a long term view of building healthy young adults who can make decisions, who can stand up for themselves, who can make choices, who strive to have healthy relationships and so on. 


I founded Parent with Passion for two reasons.  One to stop the negative patterns which get passed down from generation to generation.  I have witnessed for the past 16 years adults struggling with their negative qualities which are from their childhood and the way they were parented.  Secondly I know what it is like to struggle as a mum and with a fire in my belly I equipped myself with everything I needed to help me change and find parenting rewarding and enjoy my children.  I guess today this journey has been 10 years in the making.  Parent with Passion was born to help other mums who are just as invested in their own growth as much as their children’s. 


If you are interested in learning more about changing the way you parent for long term results My Safe Place is a parenting program for mums who are putting their hands up that they too want to make positive change.  A program full of solutions and support. An environment to connect, to change an grow.   I can’t wait to connect with the 6 mums who come along and together we make changes forever. 


Tickets can be purchased at










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